Saturday, 12 March 2011

Musing On Music

joni mitchell graham nash I blogged a while ago about the house being taken over by piles of books - well, that's not strictly true, - the books fight for surface space with the CDs.

I'll always have something playing whilst reading (or writing). At the moment it's JJ Cale but I'll listen to almost anything. I do draw the line at rap, hip hop and pap that comes from a TV show but that leaves anything from Brahms to Beatles, Van Morrison to Van der Graaf Generator (who? I hear you cry). And another who? Who's the image on the left? Read on and I'll tell you.

Much as there's pleasure in showing someone a new author or a new book, so there is pleasure in showing a new singer, or band, or even just a track from a long forgotten album. I was tempted to blog on music here but decided against it: what I have done is try a few posts on Hubpages.

If I had to choose a few musicians for my desert island I'd go for the more lyrical - Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Tom Paxton amongst others. If the name Joni Mitchell is new to you (or even if it isn't), have a look at my ten favourite Joni Mitchell Albums. It's a set of ten albums, with comment on each and a sample track from each. For some glorious music and a chance to argue, try Baez versus Dylan - who sings Dylan's songs better?

Joni Mitchell

On a different note, lighter or more melancholy depending on your frame of mind, have a look at ten sad songs - not just the obvious "my girlfriend left me and took my coke and shagged my best friend while I was in Strangeways" (copyright The Smiths) but some songs to go with sadness, pain and loss.

If you just want to catch up on some famous old rockers doing naff things for money, check out Rock Stars Gone Good. Wrinkled rock stars from Iggy Pop to Steve Tyler doing things that their mothers wouldn't be ashamed of - disgraceful.

Steve Tyler: American Idol Judge - Living On A Plush Chair

If you want an eclectic mix of music, try Music For Mondays: this is bands, albums and songs with Monday in the name/title. It does of course feature the Boomtown Rats and the song I used to sing as I stepped into the lift at work on Monday mornings ...

As and when I add posts on Hubpages, I'll note them here: if anyone wants to comment or throw suggestions at me, please feel free.

Image above is Graham Nash (Of CSN&Y fame) as drawn by Joni Mitchell - he and Joni had a fling which ended in tears.


Man O' Clay said...

Thanks Paul, I'll have to check out Joni Mitchell - I'm a big Counting Crows fan, ever heard of them?

Paul said...

I've heard a few of theirs - I suppose most know Mr Jones - but I didn't like what they did with Big Yellow Taxi,

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