Thursday 15 September 2011

Robert Crais: Stalking The Angel, Reviewed

Second in the Cole/Pike series, Robert Crais moves into darker territory on this one. Bradley Warren, rich businessman, has lost a loaned work of art, a 13th Century Japanese manuscript called the Hagakure. Elvis Cole's agency has been recommended to Warren, though Cole's flippancy fails to appeal to the pompous millionaire.

Failing to elicit any clues from the Warren mansion, nothing forthcoming from a drunken trollop of a trophy wife and a dumpy, morose teenage daughter, Cole starts looking for dealers of stolen Japanese art. Yakuza soon rear their ugly head, including Eddie, a karate tournament champion. Then threats are made against Warren's family.

Despite advice, Warren decides to go ahead with a large public appearance in a hotel. Teenage daughter Mimi disappears, presumed kidnapped by Yakuza. Cole starts digging deeper and it appears that young Mimi has her own secrets, including a relationship with Eddie the karate expert. Has she faked her own kidnapping after helping Eddie steal the Hagakure? Is there something darker lurking at the heart of the Warren household?

There's a set-piece battle, there's an epic fight, Eddie versus Cole and Joe Pike, there's a tragic sting in the tale ...

Darker, less levity then The Monkey's Raincoat, this is another very good book by Crais - a cracking pace and some believable action. If you're in the intelligent adult bracket you'll enjoy this one.


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