Tuesday 31 March 2015

Jo Nesbo: Headhunters

I'm a big fan of the Harry Hole books so was curious about a standalone Nesbo novel, especially after the film of the book garnered so many good reviews. Well, folks, Headhunters is a letdown.

All the elements of a Nesbo are there - there are some good characters, some good ideas, a couple of very good scenes but the whole is unconvincing and downright clumsy at times.

The title is a play on words - our hero, Roger Brown, is a recruitment consultant to the boards of major Norwegian companies and his opponent is a headhunter of a deadlier kind. Brown doubles as an art thief to fund his expensive lifestyle and his wife's art gallery. Brown steals a Rubens from a new candidate and suddenly finds out that his wife is unfaithful, his accomplice apparently dead and his life is in peril.

I'm not going to say any more as it would spoil the story, such as it is. Read it if you have nothing better to hand and can borrow a copy.




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