Monday 24 January 2011

John Connolly: Dark Hollow

john connolly dark hollow review A gun battle between Mafiosi and Cambodian thugs, a dead Fed, a kidnap victim long murdered and a low level but violent criminal on the run with two million dollars -- John Connolly kicks off the second Charlie Parker novel Dark Hollow with a bang. Throw in an old woman shooting herself out of fear of the name of a children's bogeyman and hold on for the ride.

Saturday 15 January 2011

John Connolly: Every Dead Thing

john connolly every dead thing review The first full-length novel featuring Charlie Parker, alcoholic homicide detective -- he stumbles home from a bar to find the bloody corpses of his wife and daughter. The Travelling Man, serial killer, has slaughtered Parker's family; fate and malice will eventually bring the two of them together in a scene that would delight Hitchcock and Tarantino.

Sunday 9 January 2011

Carl Hiaasen: Strip Tease

carl hiaasen strip tease striptease Erin is a stripper at the Eager Beaver. Congressman Dilbeck is in love with her: so deeply that he objects to another customer approaching her by beating his skull in with an empty champagne bottle.

Fortunately for Dilbeck he's been pushing government money into the pockets of certain large sugar producers for so long that they look after him, in more ways than one. Such indiscretions get hushed up. Or buried.

Amazon Reviews And Christians

Oh dear, I've upset a fundamentalist or two. Plus had a pop at Sarah Palin. Before I meet my rightful fate and go on to burn in everlasting flames, let's have a bit of waffle about me and what I do and don't believe.