Sunday 13 December 2020

No-deal unleashes a raft of economic opportunities, Tom Harwood

More Telegraph guff, this time from Tom Harwood. He excoriates Ireland for its low tax rate for the Amazons of this world then says the UK can attract such businesses by, er, cutting our corporate tax rate to below Ireland's. The rest is Vote Leave bulls**t and ignorant tosh.

Read on for the full text of Harwood's strange little article.

Saturday 12 December 2020

Ben Wallace on Michael Gove

July 2016 and Ben "Loose Lips" Wallace gives us his thoughts on Michael Gove, rather amusingly.

Ben, a fighting man who didn't get many medals, was and is a Boris groupie and still quivers with righteous anger when Gove's name (or that of his good lady wife) is mentioned. Read on for the Telegraph article Wallace produced all those many years ago.

Thursday 10 December 2020

Boris must stop weaving a web of deception and deliver a clean Brexit

"Boris must stop weaving a web of deception and deliver a clean Brexit," says Ben Habib in the Telegraph, and "Now is the time for the PM to break free of his past false promises."

Strong stuff, one thinks. Read on as Ben produces the sort of guff that passes for informed opinion in the once-respected Telegraph, before they fired all their proper journalists.