Saturday 30 July 2011

White Van Ambulance Man

Nothing to do with books but it's blog or bang my head repeatedly against the wall.

I've just finished reading a bunch of articles and reports on what our newish government is doing to the NHS under the old slogan of "competition good". Naturally, competition has already proved bad and people are suffering - and that's after less than a year and before any of the really stupid changes are made.

Friday 15 July 2011

The Rebekah Brooks Diary Part 3

Well, Dear Diary, what a day!

It all started with a swim with Rupie. That dreadful fellow was there, calls himself an American but i think he isn't really. Pol Potbelly, that's how I think of him. He had a red folder with "Son Protection Factor 1" on the cover and started waving it at me as soon as Rupie followed me up the ladder out of the pool, breathing heavily. I commented that there were a few sub-editors available who could correct his spelling and the dreadful fellow just muttered about "not told her yet then." At which Rupert explained to me that I'd have to give up my nice office and lie low for a while. I don't mind the lying but that office was super. Boo hoo.

Wednesday 13 July 2011

The Rebekah Brooks Diary Part 2

Had a couple of days at home - James calls them "mental health days" and I jolly well needed them. Gave a speech to the oiks at the NOTW (gone and damn well should be forgotten) and they were most rude. It was bad enough in a room with so many of that sort of person (something called Lynx, apparently) but there was no cause for the sort of rudeness I experienced. Perhaps they'll now realise that if they behave badly they must suffer the consequences.

Friday 8 July 2011

The Rebekah Brooks Diary Part 1

8th July 2011

Some very hurtful pieces about me in several newspapers today. Thank God that The Times understands the situation and knows that publishing anything about this little matter would just fan the tabloid flames. As for the Guardian banging on about it, it really is time there was some sort of regulation of the media in this country.

Reach office late as driver seems to be taking strange route. Will have him replaced with more competent person. People in lobby whispering in small groups: must check with secretary to see who's died. Travel alone in lift - good of staff to give me space at this difficult time.