Friday 28 August 2020

I cannot stress too much that Britain is part of Europe – and always will be

"I cannot stress too much that Britain is part of Europe – and always will be ," said Boris Johnson in July 2016, in a Telegraph article as is his wont.Then followed his usual lies and guff. His claims have aged badly - read the article below and curse him.

Saturday 15 August 2020

Hancock axes ‘failing’ Public Health England, says leak

The Telegraph is going big with a fantastic account of the proposed scrapping of Public Health England (PHE) and the formation of a new body, probably to be run by Dido Harding of Test and Trace notoriety.

PHE, you might remember, was set up less than ten years ago under Jeremy Hunt as a misguided attempt to alleviate some of the disastrous and disastrously expensive consequences of Andrew Lansley's NHS butchery.

Tuesday 11 August 2020

It's time to declare an emergency in the Channel, says Farage

Nigel Farage, deprived of his radio gig by the demonic forces of the Left, has taken to plastering images of dinghies all over Twitter. These show an immigrant invasion on a par with, well, the last such invasion Nige dreamed about.

"In the face of the kind of unwarranted abuse to which I have become accustomed," says St Nigel the martyr, it's time to go with the Australian method of putting brown people on an island and denying them medical help (I paraphrase). Given the only suitable island we have is the Isle Of Wight, Farage might find his natural constituency a little miffed.

Still, read on for the wit and wisdom of the great statesman. Or check out the rather more truthful Don't be fooled by the myth of a 'migrant invasion' by Daniel Trilling.

Also read the story of Zhena by Cole Moreton.

Sunday 2 August 2020

Panic over rising Covid-19 case numbers is as irrational as it is dangerous says Ross Clark

The Telegraph's Ross Clark explains why testing for coronavirus is a waste of time (citing Donald Trump, that well-known expert) and why it's hospital deaths that matter (he seems to recognise no other, which might surprise relatives of 25,000 care home dead).

Ross's piece might have worked better if he'd just surrendered to his inner demons and said, "They are weak, let them perish."