Saturday 4 February 2023

"Get back home woman and start hustling."

For those who doubted that Liz Truss would have the unmitigated gall to consider another stab at this government lark, you were wrong, as a wonderfully Trussian apologia in the Sunday Telegraph shows.

Liz says, to paraphrase, that she was told to "Get back home woman and start hustling" when the fatberg Boris Johnson finally clogged the sewer of public greed. Who told her that is a matter for another day but she did get back Jojo, built a bus, won the leadership and launched the most daring, most innovative economic policies the world had ever seen.

Sadly for Ms Truss, those pesky left-wing kids were waiting to pounce. The commie IMF and all the rest, putting the Maoist bovver boot into the danglers of derring do. And so she was defenestrated, despite her 49 days of brilliance. Shine on, you crazy diamnod wearer. But now, she smells Sunak's blood in the water and she begins the comeback with, well, self-serving guff. Read on, feel the trembling. They couldn't. Could they?