Wednesday 16 June 2021

Post-Brexit Britain should light a bonfire of EU red tape to fuel economic growth, say MPs

Iain Duncan Smith. Theresa Villiers. George Freeman. Three failed politicians with the intellect and principles of a bucket of cow dung. Ideal to lead a "task force" on regulatory reform, I hear you say.

It probably won't surprise you that these numpties want to slash red tape, that old standby of governments bereft of ideas. Governments that haven't learned that regulations save lives. Or perhaps just governments that don't give a toss about lives, for whom "health and safety" is just a pin to prick Mail readers' ire glands.

It also won't surprise you that two senior journalists at the Telegraph have given them an uncritical write-up. Read on and sigh deeply ...

Thursday 10 June 2021

The imperial EU is blind to the folly of its unequal Northern Ireland Brexit treaty

Superb guff from Allister Heath, a man who seems determined to do for the Sunday Telegraph what he did for The Business.

"The [Northern Ireland] protocol isn't a just law. It was imposed on the UK by Brussels at the moment of our greatest weakness," Allister tells us, and likens it to treaties forced on the Qing dynasty. By, er, Britain, mainly.

Read on for the full text of Allister's magnificent nonsense.