Wednesday 24 November 2010

Stuart MacBride

One of a small pack of newish and hugely talented British authors, Stuart MacBride writes gloriously over-the-top crime thrillers. His books are set in Aberdeen, city of granite, rain and violent crime, and peopled by police and criminals who could share the same padded cell. His characters reach almost cartoonish levels of misbehaviour but, and this is one of MacBride's great strengths, remain believable. From Logan McRae, a very imperfect hero, through D.I. Steel, manic lesbian bacon-sarnie muncher, to grandmotherly money lenders and sundry Scottish hard men, all are beautifully described and perfectly developed as the books continue.

Add to those characters MacBride's ferocious dialogue and expertly paced plot developments, with enough intertwining story lines to keep many other authors in business for several books at a time, and you get one of my favourite authors. If you want a rollicking good read that you wouldn't let the vicar see, go for any and all of these books.

Stuart MacBride books reviewed:
   Cold Granite
   Broken Skin
   Flesh House
   Dark Blood

Two sites that you might want to look at: Stuart MacBride's own blog and his official site. The blog was updated recently, the main site is lagging (shame on an ex web designer!). If you fancy a trip to Shetland, just as the winter snows are starting, you can meet the author in person. See blog for details.


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