Monday 23 February 2015

Penguin Little Black Classics

Someone at Penguin is on the ball - there's a new set of books out on the 26th February, the Little Black Classics - 80 small volumes at 80p, marking Penguin's 80th anniversary.

Skimming the list via the elegant Little Black Classics website, I see a good number that I don't already own and will definitely be grabbing. I have a fair number of the Penguin 60s set, much thumbed over the years on gloom-ridden train and bus rides (I do hate commuting and these are so easy to slip into a pocket).

So, which authors are in the set? John Ruskin, Kenko, Keats, Hardy, Marco Polo, Dante, Chaucer, Thonmas Nashe ... English, American, French, German, various Scandinavians, even the Persian Hafez with the wonderfully titled "The Nightingales are Drunk."

If you want to check the set on Amazon, click here if you're in the UK. If you're in the USA, click here. (Note: USA prices vary but are still excellent value.)


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